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The mass of cart 1 and the spring is 0.350 kg, and the cart and the spring together have an initial velocity of 2. 00 m/s 2. 00 m/s size 12{2 \".\" \"00\"`\"m/s\"} {}. Cart 2 (denoted m 2 m 2 size 12{m rSub { size 8{2} } } {} in ) has a mass of 0.500 kg and an initial velocity of − 0. 500 m/s − 0. 500 m/s size 12{ - 0 \".\" \"500\"`\"m/s\"} {}.

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Two masses m1 = 5kg and m2 = 4.8 kg tied to a string are hanging over a light frictionless pulley. What is the acceleration of the masses when lift free to move? ( g = 9.8 m/s2 ) Option 1) 0.2 m/s2 Option 2) 9.8 m/s2 Option 3) 5 m/s2 Option 4) 4.8 m/s2

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Sep 17, 2012 · A pulley is massless and frictionless. The masses 2 kg, 3 kg, and 6 kg are suspended as in the figure. (Figure Attached) What is the tension T1 in the string be- tween the two blocks on the left-hand side of the pulley? The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 . Answer in units of N...

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Feb 20, 2020 · Two masses m 1 and m 2 are suspended together by a massless spring of spring constant k. When the masses are in equilibrium m 1 is removed without disturbing the system.

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Estimate the gravitational force between two sumo wrestlers, with masses 220 kg and 240 kg, when they are embraced and their centers are 1.2 m apart. Astrology makes much of the position of the planets at the moment of one’s birth.

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Two balls, each with mass 2 kg, and velocities of 2 m/s and 3 m/s collide head on. Their final velocities are 2 m/s and 1 m/s, respectively. Is this collision elastic or inelastic? To check for elasticity, we need to calculate the kinetic energy both before and after the collision. Before the collision, the kinetic energy is (2)(2) 2 + (2)(3) 2 ...

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The figures above show two cases in which masses are suspended from the ends of the rod. In each case the unknown mass m is balanced by a known mass, M 1 or M 2, so that the rod remains horizontal. What is the value of m in terms of the known masses? (A) M l + M 2 (B) ½(M l + M 2) (C) M l M 2 (D) M 1 M 2 6.

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2. (b) Given that the strain energy stored in the spring is 0.49J for a compression of 3.5 cm. [2] (b) Two trolleys, of masses 800 g and 2400 g, are free to move on a horizontal table. The spring in (a) is placed between the trolleys and the trolleys are tied together using thread so that the compression of the spring is 3.5 cm, as shown in Fig ...

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The two blocks of masses M and 2M shown above initially travel at the same speed v but in opposite directions. They collide and stick together. How much mechanical energy is lost to other forms of energy during the collision? (A) Zero (B) ½ Mv2 (C) ¾ Mv2 (D) 4/3 Mv2 (E) 3/2 Mv2

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Find the distance of the center of mass of a two-particle system of masses m 1 {m_1} m 1 and m 2 {m_2} m 2 from mass m 1 {m_1} m 1 , given that the distance between the two masses is r. r. r .
When two objects are left in contact for long enough they come to the same temperature. When two objects of the same material but different temperatures are put together they reach an average, weighted by the fraction of the total mass. The mechanism responsible for the above rule is that the
Two masses m 1 and m 2 are suspended together by a massless spring of spring constant k. When the masses are in equilibrium m 1 is removed without disturbing the system. Find the angular frequency and amplitude of oscillation of m 2.
19. A mass m is attached to a vertical spring stretching it distance d. Then, the mass is set oscillating on a spring with an amplitude of A, the period of oscillation is proportional to (A) g d (B) d g (C) mg d (D) d m2 g 20. Two objects of equal mass hang from independent springs of unequal spring constant and oscillate up and down.

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Two masses m1 and m2 are suspended together by a massless spring of spring constant k. when the masses are in equilibrium m1 is removed without disturbing the system, then the angular frequency and amplitude of oscillations of m2 are
the two carts are equal. 12. Consider two carts, of masses m and 2m, at rest on an air track. If you push first one cart for 3 s and then the other for the same length of time, exerting equal force on each, the kinetic energy of the light cart is 1. larger than 2. equal to 3. smaller than the kinetic energy of the heavy car.